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EMP_E2: Bio

George Edwards - Freelance Writer

Although an accident injured his right hand, and he was unable to pick or strum the guitar, the injury led to the development of his unique acoustic style of playing, offering a melodic, romantic sound. His ability to render single note inflections in a one of a kind patting style, generates the sound of more than one musician playing. This unique sound blends well with the smooth memorable romantic lyrics, clearly identifiable in the acoustic versions of his songs His first album introduces the audience to EMP_E2 songwriting and lyrical style that covers Country, R&B, Pop, Rock, Acoustic melodies and Jazz. EMP_E2 front end of the CD provides the listener with lyrical melodies utilizing a variety of artists. The back end of the CD exposes the heartfelt melodies and the smooth easy listening instrumental versions of the front end songs, followed by a soft acoustic version of a song collaboration with Mary Thornton ("Girl You've Got the Power"). A taste of each is provided for your listening pleasure. His career highlights include:

- Former Lead Singer in the infamous Kubasaki High School '60's Rock and Soul Band "THE DUST"

- Has performed Live with "THE DUST" in Hawaii and Las Vegas in 2000 thru 2009

- Has two Houston bands playing his original Music (Chris and Trevor; Phil Johnson and Rush Hour)

- Received his first BMI Royalty Singer/Songwriter check in 2005

- Fidel Hernandez, (breakout artist with Broken Bow Records), expressed an interest in using one of his songs on a song project 2006

- Performed Live at the world famous Blue Bird Cafe-twice (Nashville) 2006

- Performed Live at the world famous Legends Open Mic (Nashville) 2006

- Performed Live at the world famous Lyrix Open Mic (Nashville) 2006

- Performed Live at the TAXI A&R Convention (Los Angeles) 2006

- Has had two songs forwarded by TAXI to Joanne Ledesma's A&R company in California 2007

- Submitted original songs for consideration by Grey's Anatomy, during the MIDEM 2007 music convention

- Submitted an original song to American Idol " Baby Steps (The Inner Self Song)" 2007

- Performed live at the HYATT REGENCY, Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) in 2007

- Performed Live on a Carnival Cruise in 2007

- Performed Live in Shanghai at the 9th Annual Performing Art's Festival 2007

- Performed on the 2007 road trip in support of the OVERSEAS BRATS (Oklahoma, California, Arizona and Texas)

- Released his FIRST CD..."INTRODUCTION"...displaying his songwriting, producing and arranging skills in JULY 2007

- Has a RINGTONE under "links" on his home page

- Performed Live at Hewlett Packard "Administrators Day" April 2008

- Performed Live in Boise, Idaho in July 2008

- Had four instrumentals in heavy rotation as background music on CTV16 a local Texas TV station since September 2008.

- Submitted five songs in September 2008 to the Canadian Idol Winner for an upcoming album

- Submitted a request to play live at MIDEM 2009 in Cannes, France..

- Scheduled to perform on the 2009 road trip in support of the OVERSEAS BRATS (Texas)

- Performed Live at the HYATT REGENCY, Reston, Virginia in August 2010

- Performed Live in August 2010 at a Private party

- Requested to perform Live in Shanghai at the 2009 and 2010 for 11th and 12th Annual Performing Art's Festival

- Scheduled to perform Live October 2010 Private party

- Received first BMI Publisher Royalty Check in October 2010

- Second CD...."ACOUSTICAL DREAMS"...scheduled for release in November 2010

- Submitted a request to perform on the 2011 road trip in support of the OVERSEAS BRATS (Texas)

- Performed August 2011 Las Vegas "California and Flamingo Hotel"

- Performed at the Southwest Texas Lunar Festival (Alief, Texas) January 2012

- Scheduled to perform in Reston, Virginia August 2012

- Scheduled to perform in San Diego, California October 2012

- Submitted a request to play live at MIDEM in Cannes, France in Jan 2013